With All My Respects

Look at the men covered their blood with
The Vulcanic Dust as the women and child got the same
Look at the mountain faces the world with
The dark side of Mr.Mann state

Look at around before you decide to make
Some reasons to ask where is the Monarchie?
Look at the mirror that show you up the shadow
Who gives you a reason to be deserve at your point

With all my respects, with all those sands
We are not what you said with your intension
We are now litle bit down, drawn on your
Sistematic reduction through the genocidal democracy

“Sampaikan salamku padanya di ujung cahaya,
hanya saja cahaya belum bisa menembus
bebal kearifan tirai jendelanya yang belum terbuka
oleh latensi, di ujung do’a…..kami meminta “

-amru nofhart-

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